Sunday, 26 April 2009

A Trip To Jengka, Pahang

Yesterday I attended a wedding at Jengka, Pahang. There were 5 cars convoy who including my father n brothers. We departed in the morning n reached at Jengka around 12.30pm. I had not drive to East Cost for so long. They now have a highway going there. It is now very convenient n fast.

The weather was extremely hot n humid. I am actually in the group of pengantin perempuan – CHIK. So dapat special privilege sikit lah.. This was their first kenduri kahwin experience for Nabila n Hakeem. Well.. it was not as what they expected but they were surely enjoy their time there.

Hakeem was so glad to be with his cousins. He hardly has a chance to be with them. So once be with them maka bermula lah aksi2 ganas. I heard he said – let’s play fighting fighting.

After two hours there we made our trip back to KL. A long journey, hot n tiring day but I was happy to be with my brothers n father. My father came after that n overnight at my house. I cooked special lunch for him today.

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