Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Home Sweet Home

I had safely arrived at KLIA around 8.40am. We had our breakfast at the airport n then headed back home by taxi. Once we reached the house, all of us were very excited n happy. Nabila quickly ran upstairs n went to her room. The same went to Hakeem who immediately checked on his toys.

I looked through outside the house to check things around. When I went inside the kitchen I smelled something smelly n stinking. I wonder what it was. I then saw that the fridge was not ON. I was very sure I didn’t off it. I then suspected it could be part of the fuse got tripped during lightning which it always happened.

I opened the fridge n OMG… I felt like to puke. This was all the stinky smelly came from. I had no idea how long it had happened but I guessed it could be more than 3 days. At the freezer section all the frozen food had melted n rotten. At the fridge area – butter, milk, medicine, juice n lots more all melted, rotten n some even got fungus, maggot on it.

I stood there felt like to cry n shout out loud. I right away felt very tired n I just could not hold my body up right. Why all of these has to happen right now? My maid is not around n I have to clean all these alone. Should I wait for her or should I just clean it up?

I told myself that I couldn’t wait for her. I just couldn’t stand see all these n the smell. I without delay dgn tak buka2 tudung n tukar baju took out everything n chucked in the garbage bag. I was so frustrated that all my wet spices including the big container of tempoyak – gone! The smell is still lingering at my kitchen as I still didn’t do the thoroughly cleaning.

To make my day even worst, Nazri called me informed that my car couldn’t be started. He came a few times to run the engine but the battery was still flat. I couldn’t take this anymore. I went upstairs sat at the living room staring at the wall & TV (which was not even ON) long enough till I got tired n got my sense back.

Luckily hubby’s car is fine. I went out bought lunch n got the mechanic to change the battery of my car. Now my car is fine. I still haven’t unpacked the bags. I am totally worn-out. I was non-stop doing this n that from the moment I arrived home.

Anyway I am glad that I am back to my home sweet home.

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Mum and Roses said...

Take it easy... do one by one..prioritize.. whatever can wait let it be first.....