Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Are We Bored?

For the last two days it was continuously raining. The temperature dropped to 5deg celcius. We didn’t go out at all, just stayed lazy at home. Hakeem had just fully recovered from fever so I thought maybe just give a few days indoor rest.

Whereas for Nabila, she is just so sensitive to this cold weather. Her skin got very dry that irritated her. We got to put lots lots of moisturizer to sooth it. Memang anak melayu sejati. Nabila said “I don’t like to stay here. I like Malaysia where it’s not so cold.” I said “I thought last time u said u like Oman?” She replied “No.. I don’t like Oman anymore, Malaysia is the best.. my country”

Well.. girl now u know. I told her no matter where u go, Malaysia is still the best. This morning when woke up from sleep Hakeem was sad n almost cried told me that he missed his toys back in Malaysia. My children has started missing their home..

Maybe today after lunch I will bring them around to the nearby supermarket. Yesterday evening I went there with hubby. It was raining n cold. The supermarket named Ramstore. It’s known to be Turkish supermarket. They have quite lots of halal food. I even see daun kucai, mangosteen n even buah kelapa.

As for me, my daily routine started preparing breakfast for hubby n then cooked for lunch. Since it’s cold so my children were always asking me to make this n that. I made cok kodok pisang, jemput2 n karipap. For the main course, it will always be rice, chicken soup n sometimes fish. I made nasi briyani johor 3 days ago n today masak lemak ayam cili api.

Then the rest of the day just makan, tidur, lepak. I guess by the time I am back to Malaysia I’ve already put on my weight! The kids so far didn't complaint of getting bored. They always got something to play beside watching TV. At the evening they were looking forward for their dad to come home.

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Mum and Roses said...

enjoy sakan weekend. Not expecting kazakhtan has the beautiful places. Imagine before a desert or some faraway god foresaken place. he he sorry orang kazakhtan...