Saturday, 4 April 2009

Cool Breezy Day

Today our day out started from 9.30am. We walked from hubby home to a cafe to meet up his officemate – Zulfiya. From there we had a slow walked to the nearby park. At the park we can see an old orthodox church. It also has lots of monument for the memorial of the country's heroes.

The weather was very nice this morning. It is actually started to spring now. So far I could only see a few of tulips flower that started to bloomed. Maybe if I were to come for the next 2-3 weeks then it will be very beautiful with colourful flowers.

Anyway we enjoyed the cool sunny breezy weather walk. From the park, we made our way to the green bazaar. This is actually like a flea market at our place or souq at the Middle East. They have varieties kind of stuffs from food, clothes, toys n even antique items.

I love this place but had to cut our ‘tour’ short as Hakeem was not feeling very well. We decided to get back home n took a rest. I will definitely make a note to come back here again.

At 3.15pm we went to watch the circus show presented from Moscow. It was a 2 hours show. Not bad though n we especially kids really enjoyed the show. According to hubby’s friend, their Kazakhstan circus show is even better than this.

By the way we were lucky that we would be able to watch the show as the group stopped their tour here. My children were non-stop talking about the action that they liked most. I guess tonight they will have a sweet dream being in their fantasy circus!

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