Monday, 6 April 2009

Snowy Mountain - Chimbulak

Our yesterday Sunday was the full activities day for us. It was day off for hubby so he could bring us around to more interesting places. The transport picked us up as early as 9.00am. We went up to the famous snowy mountain in Almaty – Chimbulak.

Chimbulak is the mountain ski resort which located in the picturesque gorge of Zailiysky Alatau at the height of 2260 m above sea level, at a distance of 25 km from the center of Almaty City. On the way before reaching the base of the mountain, I could see rows of beautiful big houses. According to hubby’s friend, Zulfiya these houses belongs to rich n VIPs people of Khazaks.

The journey took us about 30min to go up there. At the base of the mountains is the Medeo skating ring. It was closed n under construction as they are preparing it for the Eurasian 2011 Snow Sports. We then stopped during half trip to take photos. During winter we can see all the mountain is covered with snow. The weather yesterday was very nice with bright sunny n i-can-survive weather for us. I hate the journey as I sat behind n felt dizzy went up the winding road. It’s just like going up to Genting Highland except the road here is very small n has lots of sharp turns.

Once we reached up there all I could say was – beautiful, magnificent spectacular view. I could see the non-ending snowy mountain n off course all of us were very very ‘ciwi’ n excited! We were actually at the starting point of the ski resort area. Mountain ski routes are served by two two-chair lifts, one-chair and three towing rope ways, as well as with the free baby-lift.

This is the thrilling part as we had to take the chair lifts to go up further of the mountain. Hakeem with hubby, Nabila & Deea, me & Zulfiya. The chair lifts were just kept moving n we had to stand n waited till the chair lifts come from behind. Then we sort of jerked n jumped to make sure our butt landed safely on the lift!

I was screaming afraid that I would land myself down on the floor. The lifts were just so bare without sit belt n we had to pull what is supposed to be the cover which just a rail to prevent us from falling down. But once it went up.. I was getting more confident n enjoying myself. I could see the beautiful mountain covered with white powder snow n people skiing n snowboarding.

The lifts were actually meant for those who wanted to go up for their skiing activity. They have a few level of station but we just stopped at the first station. This is where we had the moment to take photos, playing with snow n just do whatever we want up there. Nabila was very excited that she just lied down on the snow bed n even slide herself down.

After about 30mins enjoying ourselves there, we took our trip down back to the resort. Again.. I had to face this.. make sure my butt landed safely on the chair lift n then to make a good judgment when reached station n to jump off by not fooling myself by falling down. Lucky there were staffs waited to catch n grab my hand once we reached the station.

Wow.. this could be once in my life time experience. I love the adventurous experience n I love the place too. We then treated ourselves with hot coffee n tea before headed home.

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