Wednesday, 15 April 2009

A Trip To Mega Center Alma-Ata

Today hubby arranged a transport to bring us to one Mall in Almaty. Probably afraid that we would get bored to death.. Certainly this trip was a good therapy for us!

This mall is known as the biggest in Central Asia n the latest one in Almaty. It’s called Mega Center Alma-Ata. Huh.. kira gempak n bangga ah dapat gi ni.. It took about 10min journey from home. Along the way I saw new developments area for houses n offices. I could see lots of mirrored glass building with the latest design.

Hubby had warned me not to put high expectation towards this mall though it’s called Mega Mall. The Mall is actually as big as Alamanda, Putrajaya with two levels. There are many high street fashion shops. The price all are way more expensive compared to Malaysia.

I bought toys for the kid n some stuffs. I like the Mall as it represent the new image of people in Kazakhstan. I always see shops along the street that looked so gloomy n uninvited. These shops are shops that sell jewelry n branded clothes. At least when u are in this Mall u feel welcome n feel like at home.

Now.. I miss Sunway Pyramid, Alamanda, Giant & not to forget HERO!

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