Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Bright Sunshine Day

Today is a bright sunny day n I hope it will last till the evening. Since I came here it was always raining day after day. The temperature would of course drop n I just couldn’t stand the cold. Seriously I don’t mind to be under the heat of 50deg c like in Oman but I just couldn’t tolerate with the coldness. It will always stir my mood.

Hubby’s home is fixed with the installed unit heater in every room. Since last Sunday the heaters had been off. The heaters unit are actually controlled n centralized by the government. So since it is already spring, they decided to OFF those! Huh.. it was fine in the day time but when comes to the night... huh.. it is chilling cold especially when it is raining.

Hubby did ask me on the first week I was here – what if this is the place that we have to come instead of Oman? I told him that it would make no difference. For me as long as we are together we can always survive. Like when we first time being ‘thrown’ to Oman, we went there without knowing what to expect with nobody we know over there. But Alhamdullilah we were happy n managed to survive for almost 4 years there.

Same goes to him when he made the decision to come to Kazakhstan without us. To us probably not a major impact as Malaysia is our country but not for him. He almost gave up at the first few weeks when arrived here. Who could stand the NEGATIVE deg celcius temp? And further more he was here alone n lonely.

Some could say or ask why do u have to go into this trouble? Well.. good opportunity might come once in a lifetime. Not that we really go after money that we have to neglect everything. Money is not everything but money is also the only thing. Hubby n me have plans. Long run plans. We would love to have a lovely nice home n provide the best for the children n settle down (bila dah tua2) without have to worry so much about unnecessary things.

I n my children want hubby to come n work back in Malaysia. I’ve talked n shared thoughts with lots people working abroad. Each of them has different views n goals. Some wants to save up to RM1Million then only come back here n some just wants to enjoy their life abroad. I always tell hubby – nak cari duit sampai bila2 pun tak akan cukup.

I want to be happy for not only to worried about money (coz that’s hubby job to look for it.. hehehehe) but also the serenity happiness that I want in myself. As u are getting older your path of life would be different. Your thinking n priority will be gradually changed.

I foresee myself in 10 years time; InsyaAllah with God’s willing to give me good health – the four elder girls (one for sure is a Doctor n other three will have a good career in hands) and the two younger girl & boy are furthering their study at the University. Life would be great then.. I & hubby could spend time together menghabiskan hari-hari tua kami....

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My corner said...

I like this one..sampai bila2 pun kalau nak cari duit pun tak cukup