Sunday, 12 April 2009

The 'Happening' Night in Almaty

Nightlife in Almaty is always happening. I noticed there are lots of night clubs, pubs n casinos. You just name any kind of pubs or show that u want to see here, you will definitely won’t regret.

Last night Zulfiya treated us a dinner at the Tropicana Restaurant. This is not only just a place to eat but they also have a cabaret dancing show every Friday & Saturday. She asked me actually whether I’ve watched this kind of show. My answer certainly was NO n told her I only seen on TV or read about it.

Once I walked in to the restaurant I could see fake banana trees around n fruits hanging n placed everywhere. Well.. it suits the name of the restaurant – very tropicana. The place is nice n cosy. The show started exactly after we finished our dinner.

It was quite entertaining. The show started with four beautiful sexy dancers danced around the dance floor. Later on by a couple performed their duet dancing. I felt like I was watching ‘You Think You Can Dance’. They could dance actually... hehehhehe..

The show lasted only for half n hour. It was normally performed for one hour but the management cut it short as there was a VIP customer ordered n requested a singer from Canada. We stayed for awhile to watch this special singer.

She indeed has a very powerful voice. She reminded me of Tina Turner but looked like Oprah Winfrey. The part that I really couldn’t stand was when all the guests started dancing on the dance floor. They were all pakcik makcik who really showing off their skill. Some were dancing like power rangers action with hand n feet mencucuk langit n some were dancing like dikir barat.

These were really made me laugh out loud. I am very sure they couldn’t understand any single lyrics but they were closing their eyes with mouth mimed according to the sound. Bersungguh-sungguh mereka. Hmm.. it was an interesting night.

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