Saturday, 18 April 2009

Great Morning With Nice Coffee

I love when it’s weekend over here. The weather is always nice over the weekend n we got to wonder around the town with hubby around. This morning as planned we went to Cafe 4A for a breakfast. This cafe is highly recommended n have good comments from expat living here.

Kazakhstan people are a tea drinker. So to find a good cafe selling variety kinds of coffee are so rare. This cafe is like a ‘Starbuck’ cafe in here. I got to drink my favourite coffee with caramel. The cakes were good too. The cafe was not that big but it was cosy n welcoming. I like the atmosphere.

When I walked out from the cafe I noticed there was a sex shop beside it. Ahah... sorry I didn’t go in so there’s nothing to tell about! Hehehhhe.. it’s written there 100T for the entrance – RM2.50 je... So just took photo hubby posing in front of the shop.

After that we walked to the place called Soom (not sure of the spelling). It has different floors selling different kind of items. This may represents the Bukit Bintang in Malaysia. We went to the 3rd floors selling lots kind of Kazakhstan souvenir. I love to see all the stuffs but some were so expensive. I bought souvenirs for my relatives back in Malaysia.

When we went out from the building, the sun was shining hot brightly. It was so cold this morning. I regret that I didn’t bring my jacket n had to rely on hubby’s one. I didn’t expect that the weather here was like a rollercoaster, mostly raining n always cold under 10deg C.

After settled n once reached home, we were all very hungry. I made a quick simple kuetiaw goreng. I found the rice noodle in the supermarket here. We just at the moment relaxed n wait for our night acvitty.


AshleyZul said...

ohh daddyku yg handsome, xkira di mane anda berada.


My corner said...

wah..semua ponteng skolah nie....