Wednesday, 1 April 2009

It's Spring

Well… it’s not here in Malaysia but u can see some of the branded boutiques are having spring sales. By the way my children are having their spring term break. We are flying to Kazakhstan tonight to visit my hubby there.

Finally the day comes. My children are all very excited. I forced them to take an afternoon nap as the flight will be late tonight. As for me I was very busy n busy since last few days. I just finished packing last night n there are still last minute things that needed to double check.

According to hubby, the weather is very nice there which the temp is around 12-13deg celcius. So it is not too extreme n cold for us. Can survive lah…

As I am typing this, I am so tired n exhausted of rushing here n there. In the morning I went to Nadira’s school. I was supposed to attend the Parents Meet Teacher on 2nd April. Since I won’t be around, I called the principal to reschedule it to today. Oh.. God… I am glad that I met Nadira’s teachers today.

I was not just being able to know the status n progress about her academic but also to get to know the teachers pesonally. I can tell that all the teachers are so committed n very eager to see her achievement in the next term. Now it is just Nadira who has to start be serious n focus in her study.

In the afternoon I drove down to KLCC to meet my brother. Then fetched my children n here I am still continuing packing..

OK.. Got to go.. just remembered that my sink is full with pot, pans n dishes that need to be washed. Till then n will update soon. Cheers..

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