Friday, 24 April 2009

Rest In Peace - Snowe

Yesterday while I was driving back home after fetched Nadira from school I received phone call from my maid. She said in panic “Ibu… itu ….. sudah meninggal” I didn’t really hear the full sentence as she was talking very loud n sounded alarmed. When I heard the word “meninggal” I started to panic as well n suddenly I could feel my blood poured up to my brain.

I asked her again “Apa? Siapa yg meninggal” She answered “Itu senow buk… senow rabbit meninggalOooh…. buat saspen je. Then Nabila took over the phone n explained to me that the rabbit was dead. I told her to wait as I was already near home.

When reached home Nadira straight away ran to look for the rabbit. She touched n examined hoping that the rabbit will still be alive. I saw the rabbit already shrunk a bit though he was just dead not even an hour. According to my maid she just took the rabbit from outside to the kitchen as she heard our neighbour’s dogs were barking. Snowe was still fine at that time.

After probably 5 min when she looked at him, he was already dead. We are until now didn’t know what’s the cause of his dead. We did a few assumptions n investigations. We smelled a strong smell of poisons around the house. I wanted to check thru the CCTV but unfortunately the connection was down.

So till now still no clue n evidence but we will still continue doing the investigations. Mcm CSI ah pulak! Nabila, Hakeem, Deea n Karsih buried Snowe behind our house. I was just saying yesterday to look for him a partner. He looked fine, healthy n really big when we took him back. Well… maybe dah ajal dia.

Good bye Snowe n we will surely miss you.


AshleyZul said...

ni mesti kene tonyoh carrot mse kt kampung. ksian die. bru nk carikan jodoh

Vogue Mom said...

hahahahha.. kena dera.. tak pun kesunyian tidak berteman lama. kalau amirul, amar tau sure suruh sembelih buat makan. dah ajal dia... mmg kesian.