Monday, 20 April 2009

Hate To Say Goodbye

I n my children will be leaving Almaty tonight. I have mix kind of feelings. I feel so sad to leave hubby alone here but at the same time I miss our home back in Malaysia. I wish I could stay here longer or hubby could come back with us but each of us has our responsibility to carry on. So this is it.. we being apart again.

We’ve been here for 19 days. We enjoyed all the time when we’re here. It was not just the place but the togetherness that means a lot. The weather when we first arrived here was cold n always raining. It was only yesterday n today that we can see the sun shined hot brightly.

The kids just love to stay at home – their daddy’s small cosy home. When we first arrived, we were a bit frightened to see the building. It’s an old unpleasant building during the Soviet Union time. Though looked old, the building has a door with code/key that can be opened only by tenants. This part a bit canggih lah.. Nabila n Hakeem always fought over who’s gonna open the door using the key.

The lift was very old n smelled like a horse! But once entered the house we felt like at home. We encountered two times blackout in the area. It happened in the night. We gathered in the bedroom, closed the door to make it warm with kids jumped, talked n played till we got tired fell asleep.

My routine here was just like a normal housewife. I woke up every morning with breakfast laid on the table. I then cooked for lunch n later for the tea time. As for the kids they just got lots of ideas doing this n that. They just never get bored.

Over the weekend we went out browsing around the city. There is some part of Almaty that looked modern n ‘civilized’. The people here are not that friendly. They always have a straight face n never smile. Even at the shops it always turned me down by looking at their face, if I wanted to ask for the price. The other major thing is they only speak their own language. If I want to stay here n survive I have to learn speak Russian.

Overall Almaty is a beautiful place once u know where to go n explore. If u know anybody here then it is worth to come. But if u just wants to come here for a holiday then u might to think twice.

Nevertheless we love to be here because hubby is around. I will surely miss the place n the home here. I’ve cooked varieties of food n frozen those in the fridge. This could at least last for 10 days n hubby doesn’t have to cook for dinner.

My children will surely miss their favourite TV channel Jetix that they watched all the time n also the long French bread that they love to eat. And the most of all – their daddy. I hate to say good bye but this is it..

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