Thursday, 9 April 2009

The New Discovery

Last weekend when I went to Green Bazaar, it has a section of people selling lots kind of nuts n dried fruits. As usual we bought our favourite pistachio, raisins n some local dried fruits. While browsing n tasted sorts of dried fruits n nuts, I was given this kind of nut. It is in a hard shell.

I know I’ve seen it but forgot the name. Once tasted I immediately fell in love n decided bought 1kg of that nut. The nuts taste so tasty n delicious. It has a taste of vanilla. Once reached home I browsed thru the internet to find the name n waaalaaaa.... It’s WALNUT.

I’ve tasted it before in the chocolate n sometimes found it topping for ice cream but this one it’s so so fresh n tasteful. Huh... sedap hingga tak terkata. Since I only bought 1kg, so every day I ate bit by bit.. punya ah nak save.

Over here it cost 2,000 Tengge which approx RM50. However it was worth buying. I always thought that cashew nut tastes best but I was wrong. I just wonder why I didn't find/taste this nut earlier when I was in Middle East or other places.

One thing sure I will definitely going to buy more to bring back home.

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Mum and Roses said...

souvenir .....1 kg...