Monday, 6 April 2009

Unforgettable Night - The Swan Lake

After the Chimbulak trip, we had our lunch at the Turkish restaurant nearby at hubby’s home. Hubby invited two of his office mates, Eugene (Russian) & Caner (Turkish). Since the communication always being the problem so we need a Turkish guy to talk n ordered lunch for us.

He ordered delicious Turkish food which we like so much. As usual it started with salads, varieties types of appetizers n the main course – grilled fish n butter shrimp. It really filled us up n the best part was I don’t have to cook for the day!

We got back home later n had about 2 hours rest before continued with our next activity which was going to watch the Ballet Show. This is highly recommended by Zulfiya. According to her this is the play performed by their local Kazakhstan. Russian ballet is the ‘in’ thing over here. The people here love it so much.

They could just spend n save money for the best show which sometimes performed originally by Russian. I who never been into any kind of ballet show before in my life (including hubby n children) of course never know what to expect n have no idea what it will going to be like.

Once we entered the opera house, I was astounded by the big modern hall. The show started at 4.00pm. We got the third row in front n were very excited. When the show started we were like.. so fixed n concentrating , not moving n talking at all.

I was so amazed by the swiftly smooth dance performance. The play titled THE SWAN LAKE. It consists of four acts with a 15min breaks in between two acts. It was about the prince who’s looking for a wife. The Queen presented him six princesses from different countries but none were his choice. Until one day when he went for hunting he saw a swan princess.

He fell in love with her but had to go through lots of complication as the witch put spells on the princes. At the end the spell dispersed as the selfless, strong true love that they have between them. Isn’t it sweet? The happy ending love story.

Hakeem just dozed off after 10min show started. Well.. ballet surely not into his agenda! Nabila just sat there frozen amazed by the suavely beautiful ballerina dancing all around the stage. It has colourful costumes with the magnificent background. The show lasted for two hours.

At the end of the show, Nabila went up to the stage giving flowers to the swan princess. I was frustrated that photos were not allowed to be taken during the show. Anyway I indeed enjoyed the show n tonight surely will not be forgotten by me & family.

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