Thursday, 23 April 2009

On Track

Now I am back on track. My children have started schooling yesterday. Nadira was so excited woke up very early to go to school but unfortunately the bus didn’t come (communication breakdown with the school). She was frustrated n upset. Hakeem got no problem woke up except Nabila. She was crying didn’t want to go to school. Probably she was still tired.

In the car both of them were quiet. Nabila was saying that she wanted to go back to Kazakhstan n missed her daddy. Once reached the school they were greeted warmly by their teachers n friends. I saw Nabila smiling n after awhile she was happy to be back in school.

After sent kids to school I drove back to Melaka to fetch my maid. I stayed there until lunch n picked my children after that. My maid who missed the children especially Hakeem hugged him the moment she saw him. Hakeem who was at first shy then smiled happily not letting his hand from her. Nabila n Hakeem were excited telling their moments n experiences to Kakak Karsih.

My fridge has now cleaned n the odour was getting better. I bought foods to refill my fridge. Huh.. I couldn’t believe that I’ve thrown everything out from the fridge. It was empty n like totally new. Our house is now dirt-free as well. Lega melihatnya..

Today I’ve started cooking lunch n my maid is so teruja nak masak sambal tumis ikan. She told me that she learned a few dishes from my mother in-law. So today nak tunjuk skill.. hehehhehe.. Ok lah kasi can..

Our rabbit – Snowe has now getting bigger n fatter which means that I have to start finding partner for him! I got phone called n a few orders coming in… I will be busy then..

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