Thursday, 12 March 2009

Shiny Day

I can say that today is quite a shiny day for me. A few good things happened today.

First Hakeem got his voice back after being serak-serak basah for the last two days. I thought my son dah nak jadi anak teruna.. hahahahha. He was very upset of loosing his voice n being so quiet. Even his class teacher was surprise n felt a bit weird not hearing the usual chatter Hakeem.

So this morning when he woke up, he said loudly GOOD MORNING to test his voice. Then he was laughing happily said “Yes Mommy.. I got my voice back! I can talk to my friend loudly today

Second, I made cuppies ordered by my friend for her daughter’s birthday. Surprisingly I baked n made it all calmly without any pressure. I am actually already given up making cuppies. It always drive me nuts n made me lose my patient. I guess no more passion n patient of doing it.

I only do to my close friends n relatives. But somehow today I was able to do it neatly with satisfaction. Yeah.. I am so proud of myself.. cewah

Thirdly, my dearest cousin Piqah got an excellent SPM result. She got 9A1. Congratz dear.. Now u have something to celebrate.. All of us actually.. Nanti turun KL I give a surprise gift for u!

Fourth, we got our ticket to Khazaks confirmed n just waiting for the visa. My children just so excited to go there to visit their dad. And me too!

So enough for today.. Nak layan SPA Q jap. Actually I just started to watch it on & off. Not really following the whole story. Quite interesting watching glamorous people living in a big house, driving big cars n talking hundred thousand n million money n projects. Hahahahha.. tapi ok lah kan..

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