Friday, 4 February 2011

The Sorrow

Manusia ni kan.. kekadang jahat sangat… They just cannot stand seeing others happy or better than them. Be it either your relatives, friends or good friends people would do anything to satisfy themselves. I sometimes don’t understand. Why and what do they get out of this?

Are they happy when they see a person who used to be close to their heart suffering? Don’t they feel at least bit of guilty that the person that they were trying to bring down was once helped or had safe them?

In my whole thru life, I learned lots thru joy and pain. The painful experienced would always be a lesson to me. How sometimes I trusted a person so much, they betrayed me. How sometimes I being sincere to a person, they lied and being dishonest to me. How sometimes I am generous to a person and they being selfish back to me.

It is truly unfair when come to think of it but that’s the fact. Though it is very hard and pain for me to endure, I just have to face and swallow it. I always believe that things happen for reasons. No matter how I try avoiding it, it will still happen. And also no matter how people try to stop me from getting it, if it is meant to be for me, it will be mine.

Probably sometimes I just have to learn to be selfish. To be selfish so that people won’t simply take advantage on me, to be selfish to save my dignity. To be cruel so that people know that I know how to protect myself.

I am not trying to be a hero or to prove myself that I am always right. I am just a normal human being that wants to leave in peace and harmony. As much as other people want to love and protect their family not to be hurt, so am I.

After sometimes I guess I am just tired of talking and fighting. I am tired of regretting and thinking of what happened. I will non-stop pray to Allah the He will protect me and my family.

Sesungguhnya Allah itu amat mengetahui apa yang tersirat dan tersurat dihati kita.

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Anonymous said...

lumrah alam, but at least we have each other, nevertheless just dont stop praying for all that we love...