Monday, 7 February 2011

Kitties from Tiara

Last night Tiara gave birth to two little cuties kittens. Tiara is not even a year old but has to be a mom now. Kesian kan... A week ago we already noticed she was wondered around the house looking for hidden spot. The spot probably a place where she wanted to give birth for the babies.

So we prepared for one her and last night was the history. Everybody in the house was very excited. There are two kittens - one is so black and the other one is in light gray color. Names are not given yet as sex are still unidentifies. :)

Currently Tiara is under quarantine as we don't want other two male cats yg tak henti ngiaw ngiaw want to be close to her and the babies. Probably in a few weeks time, I will bring Tiara and babies to the VET. Meanwhile I just hope that the babies will survive.

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