Saturday, 26 February 2011

Hubby's Home - Makan Aktiviti!

Gosh.. it has been so long that I’ve not updated my blog. Blame to the modern technology- smartphone J. Frankly I don’t remember when was the last time I touch my lappy as I am connected 24/7 to the internet thru my phone. So convenient ah.. sampai terabai blog ku..

Anyway hubby was home back for a short holiday. In his 10 days holidays our activities were filled up with makan,makan and makan.. Macam2 dia mengidam nak makan itu ini…

On the weekend we went back to Malacca and had the famous ikan bakar but this time we went to Alai. It was not bad though as it was recommended by our relatives.

Then back in KL, my aunty from Kedah came to KL and we went to meet up and lepak2.. Well.. makan again…

A couple days before hubby ended his holiday only I had the opportunity to cook for him. Yes.. finally dinner at home! We also had our brothers around to join the dinner.

Now hubby has gone back and safely arrived in Oman. Although it was a short time for him to be here, me and the kids especially treasure the time spending together. We already miss you.. sob sob..

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fabscarf said...

nice family u have.