Sunday, 6 February 2011

When They Are Together

As Nabila and Hakeem grow up they learn to be more responsible and thoughtful. They learn to love and respect each other. They are just like other kids too – had their fight, disagree but it would normally won’t be long. They will go back to each other as in the family they are the last two who are at the same age group.

Many people sometimes mistaken that they are twins, especially when they were babies which I wonder why as they don’t ever look alike. They have different personalities which why they always have great things and ideas to do.

Nabila.. as a sister, as a ‘matured’ sister always has concern towards her brother, Hakeem. I guess she is willing to do anything for him though sometimes she don't show it. As for Hakeem all I can say the spoil one, always need attention and attention.

This school holiday, both of them have lots of homework to do. Nabila has started planning and doing it from the day one. As for Hakeem, he will do it when he feels he wants to do it. But when he started doing it, he will be very serious and determine. Then he will say to me – Mommy.. it’s not that difficult and I know I can do it.

During this holiday also I am focusing more on Hakeem’s handwriting. I bought some books for him to practice. I am quite worried as he is still has untidy handwriting and sometimes got confused between capital and small letters.

Nabila too shares the worried. Each time when she looks at Hakeem’s handwriting she would commented and helped it out. She would teach Hakeem the correct way how to write. She would tell the correct way how they learn at school. When come to this, Hakeem would normally cooperate and listen to his sister.

When I gave birth to Hakeem, Nabila was 15 months. I still remember that my mak bidan asked Nabila to step on Hakeem’s placenta. This was done so Hakeem tak melawan cakap kakak dia and selalu hormat kakak dia. Mak bidan also asked me to keep their tali pusat together in one bottle so that both of them will be buddies forever.

Either to believe it or not, I still pray that both of them will have a good relationships forever and ever.

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