Sunday, 31 July 2011

Shopping for Raya?

Shopping for Raya? I don’t remember when was the last time I had the excitement doing Raya shopping specifically baju raya! As we’re getting older (probably not everyone), the excitement for new baju raya are getting lesser. We are normally focusing more to our children.

My children, especially the last two (blame me for this!) don’t really aware about the terminology of “baju raya”. They have been brought up abroad and ‘raya’ was normally celebrated only on the first day which normally makan2. The last two years, they started to appreciate more towards Raya after being introduced to “duit raya”.

I buy clothes, shoes for my children continuously throughout the year. So that’s why when it comes to Raya, I don’t feel they need for new baju raya except probably baju kurung or baju melayu. All my children seem to adapt with this trend and thank God they don’t mind it at all. What is a must is DUIT RAYA.

I know back in Malaysia, my brothers, relatives and friends are busying doing their last minute shopping for raya. Syoknya.. I could imagine the crowds and rows of stalls at PKNS Shah Alam. As for here, there are many outlets having sales and I could see Omani’s busying shops for Eid as well. There is also one place called Oman International Exhibition Centre which normally held a few events. Now they are having “Oman Largest Shopping Extravaganza” event.

The last time when I was here, this seems to be my favourite spot. They sell variety of clothes and shoes. Siap duit je ah.. But normally those are not to my liking except for jubah. Yesterday morning, I went with my daughters. As expected the place was crowded with people and also as expected, they sell the same things that I’ve seen for the past six years.

We went around from one row to another making a tour in the whole hall. At the end we got a nice jubah for each of us, a drawing template for the kids and kacang goreng from Iran! Nevertheless we enjoyed it as we shared the excitement with other which konon2 shopping raya ah...

Back in Malaysia, selamat bershopping.. baju melayu, kurung sure ada tema colour.. Jangan terover budget lak.. :)

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