Saturday, 18 December 2010

Hakeem is a MAN now!

On last Wednesday evening we went to Muscat Private Hosiptal brought Hakeem to see a doctor. We managed to get the following day, Thursday morning for Hakeem’s circumcision. I already planned month before to do this in here, Muscat. Reason is I want hubby to be around.

Hakeem more or less already knows what’s going to happen when he has to go thru the circumcision. I mean the idea of how it all works. He seems to be looking forward as his daddy always giving the idea of how great man you are going to be once you circumcised. Hahahahahaha..

We arrived as early as 7 am to register and got a room. After about 40minutes waited, which at that time Hakem was very jovial, happy and talkative the doctors came to pay a visit. Hakeem has to change to his cute costume. He was still happy at that time. This are pictures before he was pushed to the operation theater. Happy kan..

I was allowed to follow him to the OT. I, doctor and Hakeem played like a game – blow a balloon. Each of us took turn to blow thru a mask which will make the balloon bigger. When it came to Hakeem’s turn, the doctor turned on the gas which was supposed to make him unconscious. Aduhai… bagai nak luruh jantungku seeing my son.

When Hakeem felt the gas he was struggling trying pushing the mask away. He was still talking and shouting “it suffocates me.. I can’t breathe”. We had to hold him and after 5 seconds he closed his eyes but his hands and feet still kicking the air. The doctor said Hakeem must be a very active boy which he is! After 5 seconds the gas had totally knocked him off.

The doctor asked me to wait outside while they performed the surgery. A few times I checked with the doctor about Hakeem just to make sure he was fine and fully unconscious. I was very worried. After half an hour waited in the room with hubby, Deea and Nabila I was called again as Hakeem has awaked and done with his circumcision.

When I walked in to the recovery room all I could here was his voice. Hakeem was crying non-stop. He looked so scared looking at his ‘bird’ which was bandaged and bloods too. It took me 10minutes to calm him down. After he was brought down to the room, he was a bit settled as hubby and his sisters were there.

He was supposed to be tired and sleep after the operation but after a while Hakeem back to himself. Talking and talking.. hehehhehe.. I was relieved to see him back to normal. Hakeem and all of us just couldn’t wait to go back home but he has to pass urine – his first one before he can be discharged.

Huh.. this was the toughest part as Hakeem was very scared and not confident at all to do that. It took us 15minutes to bring him to stand in front of the toilet bowl and another 5 minutes to make him do his job. Today is his third day and he is getting better now.

He had already passed urines a few times with full confidents. At night time I have to put a small plastic table on top of him and covered it with thin cloth. This to make sure the cloth won’t touch his ‘bird’. Kalau dolu2 org gantung kain.. but here with the limited things we have and I definitely will not going to hack the ceiling – cara ni je lah. As during the day time, I just let him to wear shirt and bawah tu togel je lah.. hahahahahha..

We are lucky as the weather here now is cooling and dry. So the healing and recovery process is faster. I hope that Hakeem will have a speedy recovery as Mommy dah boring ni duk rumah… Nak jalan2 ah pulak… J


Rina NAR said...

get well soon hakeem

Anonymous said...

You are a nice mom taking care of your son so nicely after his circumcision. I was left tied up by my parents on a bed after I was circumcised. They just came to me for changing of bandages. Change the bandages and leave me there.

Anonymous said...

you are a sick person, mutelating your own son. Disgusting!