Thursday, 9 December 2010

Get Together Session

On my second night here, I met our old friends that we knew during our stay here last time. We met at the place that we used to hang out – Al Maha the place that sells shawarma. The only shawarma prepared toasted. Kira lain dari yang lain ah..

Lyn and family were already there when we arrived and followed by Rohaya and family. The weather was so windy and chilling. I was not prepared with the proper attire so agak kesejukan ah… We spent there for couple of hours.

On the following night, Lyn invited us to her house for bar-b-q session. Last time we used to gather like this. We did it as our weekly activity. So when I sat down with them eating and talking, it reminds me lots of some friends that were not there.

It started with a small group of Malaysian family and we were very close to each other. Now I heard that there are already many Malaysian here which is around 700.

Anyway the food was so good. Thank you so much to Lyn and Rohaya.

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