Thursday, 23 December 2010

Still Got the Skills..

Jeng jeng jeng… I am very grateful and lucky that my driving license here in Oman is still valid. Taraaaa….

For Malaysian, getting a driving license in GCC country is a dread. To me it was one of my nightmares living in Oman! So kira whoever has a driving license from any GCC country kira hebat lah…. It is not because of the left hand drive but to get the license here, aduh… mcm nak gi perang rasanya!

Anyway here I am back again on the road. Hubby just got himself a new car – my dream car tu…. And he left me with the rental car that I can use while he goes to work. At first, it was a bit awkward as I have to keep telling myself to keep to the right.. keep to the right. After a while I gained the confident and panjang ah langkah… hihihihihi..

Before Hakeem had his circumcision, we went out almost every day. Actually there are not many malls or places to go but it was just the urged of going out somewhere to kill the time. Past few days I just went out alone, did some groceries and window shopping.

Sometimes hubby left his car and merasa ah me’rempit’.. hahahahha.. but I would still prefer the rental car as I don’t have to hear his long Dos and DONTs before I could touch the wheel!


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a cool car you have, Vougemom!

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