Saturday, 15 October 2011

Sick.. Sick.. Please Go Away

I don't like to get sick especially at this age, I mean - my age that is consider 'old'. When I am sick, I will always feel sensitive and gloomy. Then I will keep thinking of 'why' do I get sick. I hardly get sick - be it demam or selsema. I think in a year I probably got sick once or twice. So kalau demam je mula ah sensitip mitip ni...

This morning I woke up with body aches, cold and weak. I immediately knew that I am going to have fever. I didn't take a shower coz I felt very cold. I cancelled my gym session today. After sending kids to school, I took panadol, covered myself with blanket and fell asleep right away. After one hour, I woke up sweating. I felt better a bit but still felt weak.

I just relaxed and watched TV. In the afternoon when I wanted to pick up kids, I shivered again. Damn.. I hate it so much. I felt so weak. I felt so hungry but I didn't have any desire to eat. After came back home I took another panadol, lie down and felt sleep again. I then felt hungry when I woke up. Nak makan tekak rasa payau but I have to eat something.

I know why I got sick. The day before I went for my cycling activity. I cycled after 3 weeks break and a week leisure without any exercise. So agaknya terkejut muscle2 ni.. Another thing probably is because I had too much 'petai' and 'keledas/genuak'. I had non stop eating since a week ago. Not just my tummy terkejut.. semua parts of my body terkejut! Hahahahaha...

As I am writing this post, I feel a bit better. I plan to go to the gym tomorrow or probably hop into the sauna room!

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