Sunday, 2 October 2011

Trip Back To Malaysia

I'll be going back to Malaysia tonight. It's just for a week short "business" trip. I'll be going back with my daughter, Nadira and leaving my other children behind in Oman. I seldom leave them and this is my third time actually.

The first time was 5 years ago. I went back to Malaysia to arrange my eldest college's registration. I left Nadira, Nabila and hubby. I went back with Hakeem as he was still small (4years old). It was quite tough as I relied so much on Hubby and Nadira. Nadira at that time probably was 12 years old. She did a fantastic jobs taking care of Nabila and even cooked though tak menjadi but it was a good effort.

The second time was when I left all of them - a trip to Bandung with my aunt and cousin. This was just 4 days trip and hubby took care of the children. This Bandung 'get away' was actually first time in my life. I always dreaming and planning of going somewhere far with my girlfriends - back packing and hopping from one place to another.

Unfortunately.. berangan je lah.. as I have a family now lagi ah susah. My eldest daughter told me once "Mommy.. let's go somewhere.. we.. girls only. We leave Ayah and Hakeem behind and have our fun time together" Hmm... interesting right.. YES.. one day I want to do that!!

Anyway.. my visit to Malaysia tonight is to arrange Nadira's college registration and settling some other matters. My children especially Nabila and Hakeem are already aware about my trip. Two days ago, they already showed their worried of me going away.

Last night while watching them doing homework, Nabila said "Mommy.. who's going to run through my homework and test my spelling if you're not around". This morning Nabila cried when I sent her to school. She said that she will miss me and won't be able to see me again.

As for Hakeem, he is acting cool so far. He said that he of course feels sad but because he is a big boy now, he wouldn't want to cry and have to be brave! That's my boy.. :)

This time around, Nabila and Hakeem not just has hubby around but also their elder sister Nurul and my maid. I've made a schedule and long list of what to do for them.

I know hubby will be able to handle the children but being a mother, the worried is always there. I am most worried especially in the morning time which always the peak and rushing time of getting ready to school. I am also concern about the night time when they want to sleep. They will definitely looking for me and starts to cry. Nabila already asked something belong to me for her to hold at night so that she will always feel close to me. Owhh... she is such a sweet girl.

I hope and hope all of them will be fine while I am away. As for now, I haven't started any packing yet! Nothing much to bring actually. I also have a long list of things to buy and to do during my stay. Hope everything goes well as plan.

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AshleyZul said...

dont forget to take your Longchamp that i bought for you from HongKong, ask wan where she put it okay ;) have a safe trip!!