Thursday, 13 October 2011

Sand Storm

It's October now and we are heading towards winter. Weather has been so nice lately. It was not so hot this back few days. We can feel the breezy windy in the morning and night.

Yesterday, since morning the cloud was so gloomy and dark. Everybody here already predicted that it's going to rain. I was bit skeptical actually. Rain here in Oman? Well.. it's not that it never happened before but it hardly rain here.

Anyway, I was wrong. At 5.10pm, signs of rain were happening. I was at home and could hear the wind blow so loud and the sky outside was so dark. The wind kept blowing so hard which caused my front door difficult to open when I was trying to take a peek outside. I can hardly see as the sands was covering up my view.

My kids ran upstairs to the roof top. From the picture taken it's confirmed that it was a sand storm. Scary right? After 10 minutes everything got back to normal. We finally have rain here! It's grilling. Though it's just grizzling and happened for a while, that was enough to make everybody here in Oman thrilled and excited.

According to hubby, some roads were starting to flood. I bet those who were on the road during this sand storm happened were surely scared and terrified. Alhamdullilah everybody was safe.

The best part was, we were excited and happy to smell the rain. Gosh.. we miss the rain so much ah..

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Anonymous said...

dunia tandanya nak kiamat..alllah huakbar...