Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Back To Business

After a week in Malaysia, I am back to my home in Oman. I am so happy to see my kids and hubby and it feels good to be back here, my house here.

A week in Malaysia, I have managed to settle lots of things which one of those was Nadira's College registration. She'll be starting in January 2012. Beside that with a long list of things to do and to buy, I at the end got everything done. Every single of my days was occupied. I got out from the house in the morning and came back at night.

It was tiring actually what more with my sleeping that had gone haywires. A week just flies so fast. I was so sad to leave my house at Shah Alam but at the same time was eager to come home to see my family here. I guess I have to get use to this kind of feelings.

Anyway, my normal routine began yesterday. I thought of going to the gym but had to postpone it to next week. There are groceries that need to be done. Then with my kids’ matter at school. They just wanted to wait till I come back to do all what’s pending.

Gosh.. yesterday I felt almost breathless and suffocated. A week I left them and when I came home there is like a week of job pending that I’ve to settle in a day! Anyway yesterday, I’ve managed to clear up major tasks.

So here I am.. back to my busy routine day. Today is a bit relaxed for me and managed to update a blog. Till then cheers!

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