Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The Obsession

OMG.. I never being so obsessed into something that I would spent days, hours on my lappy doing research. I've gone so thorough into this "something" that if anyone were to ask me, I am sure can explain it correctly in details.

Normally my obsession towards "something" won't be last long. But this one particular thing just made me go crazy!! It's hunting me all the time, day and night.

When come to think of it, this makes me scared. What is wrong with me? I mean is it wrong to have this kind of feelings? I think it's normal (ayat penyedap hati..) as I know very well there are lots out there share the same kind of this feelings that I have.

Or maybe this is a sign of my "midlife crisis"??? Or maybe I am feeling bored to death here in Oman that I got nothing to do except dreaming and thinking so much about this "something"? I would prefer the first one :) - midlife crisis! Hahahahha..

Frankly this new obsession really occupied me. I enjoyed every seconds of it. It's like setting goal and mission in my life. YES.. I have something to aim and looking forward to get it. Gosh.. I am sounding like my son now, Hakeem who is so determine and positive if he wants to do or get somethings.

Well.. be positive and go for it if it makes we happy right? What I know at the end of the day this "something" will definitely drained my purse!

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