Saturday, 19 November 2011

International Day at British School of Muscat

Today is the Oman's National day. This year my kids' school celebrated it by organizing the International Day. Malaysia country took part in a few events. In the early morning the children paraded in a group of their Nationalities. Then it followed by performances from selected countries.

Malaysia is one of those who performed. We did the 'Kuda Kepang' dance. Ehem.. and it was choreographed by me!! At first we wanted to do silat but when come to think of it, it might looks bored and furthermore I don't even know how to do this silat!! Actually I knew nothing about this Kuda Kepang too but with some researched, I managed to create some steps.

We have four dancers from Year 3 including Hakeem. The kid started practice since last couple weeks. They did a tremendous job and everybody loved it! They remembered all the steps taught and they really looked wonderful. As for the Kuda Kepang we did it since the day we decided on it. The Kuda Kepang was made by Nadira and helped from Nurul. Thanks to both of them as they were so creative and the Kuda Kepang looked so lovely and beautiful.

Beside the performances, we also had our culture presented in one of the classes. We had our traditional wedding with pelamin. Suka budak2 ni main kahwin olok2.. The kids got to wear baju pengantin and tasted our traditional delicacies. Surprisingly they all loved it especially keropok! They also got to try playing Congkak and Batu Seremban. Interesting right.. According to my children, their friends said that Malaysian culture was the best among of all that they have visited.

In the afternoon, we had stalls selling foods from various countries. The stalls started selling at 1.00pm. We had nasi lemak, karipap, seri muka, kek lapis, bihun goreng and souvenirs stuffs. Yang paling laku was Nasi lemak and karipap!! Other stalls were selling their own traditional foods as well. Nabila and Hakeem were crazy spending money on origami at Japan's stall. Haih... kopak Mommy dia.. baik je balik lipat sendiri!!

Anyway.. it was a fabulous day today. Though it was a very long tiring day but everybody did a good job! Our Malaysian ladies did an excellent work as a team. Malaysia Boleh!!

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