Saturday, 12 November 2011

Back To Business

After 9 days long Eid break, today I am back to my routine. Well.. actually this break was more meaningful to my children instead of me! I am a full time "worker" and there is no really like a real "break" for me. Hari-hari kena kerja owwhh...

We hardly have holidays here in Oman unlike in Malaysia, asyik cuti je.. So whenever there is a long holiday, we always plan to do something or go somewhere. Beside on the Eid day itself where we had guests coming over, we also organized another session of makan-makan. Since the weather now is getting colder, barb-q is always be the agenda. But this time we had stimbot and yong taufu. Fuhh.. memang pulun makan je ni..

We also made a trip to the desert - Wahiba Sands. We stayed a night there. At first we almost cancelled the trip as the weather lately was not that good. There were rains and thunder storms at a few places in Oman. On the day itself, the sky was blue and bright. Lucky us.. and there we were.. in the desert with a cool nice weather.

Beside that, most of the time we just nestled ourselves at home watching TV, eating and brought the children for a swim. Today as expected, waking up my two kiddies was quite difficult but once they reached the school and meeting their friends - happy and senyum sampai ke telinga. Hmm... after 9 days not to worry waking up them early and rushing to send and pick them up from school, here I am back to that routine.

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