Saturday, 10 January 2009

Busy Saturday

Last night I made a stimbot dinner at home. Mak n Faizah came n we invited Along n family to join us. It was overwhelming to see crowds in the house except we miss hubby n wish that he was around too. So to make him join us virtually, Faizah got the notebook n hooked the web cam n all of us ate n chatted with him. Thanks to this technology!

This morning I, Mak n Faizah went to the Taylor’s University College to attend the Awards Presentation Ceremony. Faizah has been awarded as one of the Taylor’s top achievers. Well done girl. We are really proud of u. Now she is having her leisure holiday while waiting for the course to start.

While in the evening I have my father coming around to the house. I took him out for a dinner at our favourite Thai Restaurant. Hakeem is so excited to see his Tok Ayah.

There goes my busy whole Saturday. Tomorrow I just plan to stay at home n start venturing with my new ‘little project’.

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