Wednesday, 21 January 2009


I’ve been a bit busy n tight up with few things in my hands. My grandmother has passed away last Sunday. I spent half day Sunday at the mosque n another half day at the Mall looking Chinese New Year costume for my children.

Then on Monday I was busy with Faizah settling her matters for Monash University registration. It continued till today.

This evening we received good news that Faizah has been offered to go to University Tasmania, Australia instead. We were all very happy n excited for her. Congratulations dear.

Alhamdullilah, finally her dreams come true. So after these makin busy lah mommy.. accompany n assisting her to settle for UTAS registration. I don’t mind actually coz after this I will surely miss her company. My chatty partner..

By the way Nadira has created a new blog - the 4th one. When asked she said, she kept forgetting all the passwords. So she promised that this will be her last n permanent one. Well.. I hope so. Keep it up girl.

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