Sunday, 25 January 2009

Fun Day Out

Today is my dearest cousin, Kak Yan birthday. She turns 50 years old. I met her this morning bringing a bouquet of flowers n special cupcake that I made for her all the way from Shah Alam.

In the evening I treated her, my bro n cousin at the Secret Recipe. Later on Nabila wanted to buy books but most of the shops there including Popular book store were closed as everybody was rushing for their big CNY dinner tonight.

So we headed up to the top floor which located the arcade game. They have a small karaoke room that enough for 4 people to fit in which charge RM1 per song. Piqah&Nadira took one room n the rest another room. So apa lagi.. melalak lah kita orang..

When browsed thru the songs list I found my favourite song – Meet Uncle Hussein that won the AJL recently. Hahahahha… Mcm nak tercabut anak tekak menjerit with my bro! I wonder how that small size body singer can sing this high pitch song.

Ohh.. the screaming at the top of my lungs made me felt so good. I had fun today with my bro n cousins. Even Nabila n Hakeem too were enjoying themselves especially when each of them got the toy from Pak Su Boy.

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Anonymous said...

i love karaoke...i love karaoke...i love karaoke...i love karaoke...i love karaoke...i love karaoke...i love karaoke...i love karaoke... huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh

kalaaaaaaaaaaa ooo keeeeeeeeeee....