Monday, 2 February 2009

When I am Sick

I hardly get sick. The most I complained of my sickness was only migraine or headache. I still remember those days how hard for me to pretend in front of my boss n doctor to get MC.

I am now having body aching n sore throat. I think I got these since I came back from Kedah. I took Panadol on n off for two days but still not fully recovered.

This morning I forced myself to drive down to the clinic for check-up. The doctor gave me some antibiotics n other medicine. I feel a bit better now.

What I hate when I am sick is when hubby is not around. Secondly I am physically sick n weak but I still have to run an errand n routine. Yesterday morning when I woke up, I felt so weak n wished I could just stay on the bed. But I forced myself to get up or else all of us in the house will be starving. I went to the wet market to buy supply for the week.

I came back then cooked lunch. After that I put on my sweater n lied down in front of the TV. In the afternoon I felt a bit better (maybe because of the Panadol). I felt so bored n got my kids to join me to bake cupcakes. Later in the night I felt shivering n cold.

I told myself to realize that I am not young anymore. My antibody might not be strong as before. I am thankful to God that I hardly got sick. I am alone here n my children needs me. If I were to be bedridden then nobody will send them to school. Nobody will cook for them.

I pray n hope that the medicine I took will make me better n fully recovered. Tomorrow onwards I have lots of things to do.
p/s: bila sakit-sakit mcm ni.. emo lah pulak.. huwaaaa

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fify_alisara89 said...

askum mak lang..mak lang demam ke?
jaga dri bebaik..mak lang lek x minggu depan?ari khamis?rumah wan ada kenduri kan?