Monday, 9 February 2009

Snowe - Away

Tonight after sent Nabila n Hakeem to Quran class, I rushed to my cousin’s house to send our rabbit Snowe there. Everywhere we go even going back to Malacca or Kedah, we always bring Snowe with us.

For some reasons this time, we have to leave him behind. Furthermore Shafiqa n Amar were looking forward n volunteered the moment I suggested about this. I was supposed to sent Snowe in the afternoon but I was busy with something. Shafiqa called me in the evening asking why I didn’t sent Snowe yet..

When I told Nabila n Hakeem that their cousins will be taking care of Snowe they were a bit reluctant. They never had been separated from their pet yet. Hakeem has non-stop saying NO.. NO.. don’t take my Snowe away. Where else Nabila was worried whether Shafiqa n Amar can really look after her pet.

After long explanation n assurance they finally agreed with this arrangement. To avoid disappointment n ‘drama’ I sent Snowe without them around. Shafiqa n Amar were not at home too as they went for the tuition class.

Snowe will be away for a week. I hope he will be fine at his new home. To Shafiqa n Amar… please take a good care of Snowe. Nabila had given a long list of do’s n don’t to me to be explained to them. I am sure Shafiqa n Amar are happy to have Snowe around.

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