Friday, 27 February 2009

Sad Moments

Today I sent hubby to KLIA without kids as his flight is in the afternoon. This time I was totally in a different mood n situation. Looking him walked down the escalator to the immigration counter made me really sad.

I used to see Nabila sad n gloomy face with tears down her cheek n now I am alone saying good bye to my hubby. I sturdily holding back my tears n kept saying to myself, be strong..

I then walked back to the car park slowly weakly with lots of things in my mind.

I already missed him. When fetch kids from school, their non-stop questions were – Where is Ayah? Has he gone back? Did he tell his boss that he’s not going there anymore?

I pray that hubby will have a safe journey.


Audrey Hamzah said...

Reading this entry in your blog made a tear run down my eye and brought back old memories of me going thru the same situation you are going thru. Anyway, it will be ok and this is what makes our love for our beloved ones stronger. You take care.

Vogue Mom said...

yeah.. thanks. kekadang berjauhan membuat kita lebih menyanyangi & menghargai. i hope this wont be long..

My corner said...

K intan....reading ur blog really makes me berjurai air mata...teringat btol oja ngan k intan nie...btol2 oja rindu k intan n while u'r here..i miss u alot..things never the same when u r not around..well that is all cycle of life all about...hope to see u soon...