Sunday, 15 February 2009

Special Guests

Today I organized a special gathering. In the afternoon I cooked lunch n invited my sis in-law to come around. It’s a special dishes lauk kampong. My mother in-law n Fifi left drove back to Malacca after lunch.

In the evening, it’s a lepak-lepak minum petang. We had our special guest – Oja & family from Oman It’s good to see her after so long. Hakeem was so excited to see Rasyad n they were non-stop playing n talking. Same goes to me n hubby – catching up hot sizzling news from Oman.. hehehhhe..

We also have our dearest brother – Nazri, Pidin, Uci n Udik around. This is just like an old time when we were used to hang up together. Except this time I miss a few ‘kaki’.. And I really miss this kind of gathering.

Oja went back earlier n left those boys chatting up till midnight.

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