Saturday, 14 February 2009

Good Bye & Good Luck

Tonight is the day Faizah is going to leave all of us. We departed from Malacca at 3.00pm n reached KLIA around 5.30pm.

It was such a sad moments for all of us to see her leaving. Though she always being away from the family but knowing the fact that this time she will be far far away at another part of the world made us sadder.

She called us n safely arrived at the Hobart, Tasmania Australia.

To Faizah, Mommy n everybody here always pray n wish that u will be fine out there. Take a good care n always remember ‘kata-kata hikmat’ from Wan, Ayah, Mommy, Mak Long n others.

I know u are a strong n tough girl. I am also believed that you will succeed n come back as DOCTOR ASHLEY FAIZAH. Take care n we will surely miss u lots n lots..

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Auntie Roy said...

tahniah mommy intan and daddy zul...kita doakan moga anak sulung menjadi \dr \ashley \faizah...syok tengok geng geng uci/salman/nazri/pidin

hj jun