Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Memory of Ramadhan - Part 2

During ramadhan when I was back in Malaysia, it’s like a tradition to me n my hubby to break fast at the hotel. Nothing fancy.. it’s just that we would love to try out all kinds of food that being served. We are not really a big eater n a buffet person but the atmosphere n the surrounding that make us want to do that every year.

Last night my hubby’s company organized Iftar for the staffs. We never failed to go there every year since we came to Oman. Every year we had been served with the same kind of foods. It’s always at the end of dinner we went back home with non-satisfactory n grumbled about the foods. You know what is our problem? We always compare with the foods that we had back in Malaysia.

It doesn’t sound fair right.. but Ramadhan always made your mind inspired with all kind of imaginations n illusions of Malaysian foods. We do miss those juadah during ramadhan especially the one you can find in Pasar Juadah or Pasar Ramadhan. Oohhh… nyam nyam…

The price for the Iftar buffet here is so damn expensive. At Malaysia most hotels will charge the Iftar buffet from RM30 – RM100. But here in Oman the hotel will charge with minimum of OMR15 (RM150). It doesn’t worth at all for people like us to go there. And that’s why we end up having our own kind of Malaysian dinner at home that we love so much.

Like old folks say 'Hujan Emas ditempat orang, hujan batu ditempat sendiri.. lebih baik ditempat sendiri'

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