Saturday, 27 October 2007

Blood is Thicker Than Water

I feel deeply hurt. I received an email that disturbed me the whole day. I’ve been thinking about it a lot. I’ve known him thru out my life. We grow up together n know each other very well. Since we were young we always have different opinions n views. But as we grow older we seem to understand each other better. Maybe it is because each of us has our own life to take care of.

I find that it is always difficult to communicate with him. We always have a different rhythm n tempo. But at the end we still manage to put it up right even though we have to go thru a few stages.

Recently something had happened that involved both of us. Well maybe he will say that I’m the one who initiated all this. I admitted that. But.. I have a strong base why it all happened. He knew it n everybody knows it. Just put aside who is wrong n who is right.

What I need is at least a little bit of understanding. Understanding the fact that what I am done here is not to hurt or make other people suffer. Why do I want to do such thing? Why do I have to hurt somebody that I love so much? That will be the last thing that I want to do.

I am not trying to find enemy or hate people for no reasons. I am still rational n reasonable. I am not that bad that I will always trying to find faults from others. Don’t I have a better life to do than all of these?

Please don’t just play ignorance as u yourself didn’t care about this at all. You care about it and I care about it too. It’s just that we have a different ways to show it. I didn’t ask u to go along with me but don’t judge me wrongly.

Maybe I better stop being tooooo concern to other people that I care so much. It makes u feel good if you are being nice to others but when they tend to hurt n not understanding u, that’s the part that will make u breakdown.

Maybe he doesn’t know me well enough. Take n appreciate me as who I am. As my mom used to say.. Quran buruk tak bermakna kita boleh buang dan mempersiakannya. Seburuk mana pun kita mesti jaga dan hormat padanya.

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