Friday, 19 October 2007

The End of my Long Break

Today is the end of my long Eid holiday. During these 9 days, I had a good time. Besides eating n eating, I had a chanced to meet n gather around with my friends. We had continuously open house to attend n also a good time camping at Wahiba Sand. Almost everybody especially kids had fever, cough n flu after came back from the desert.. including my hubby who had a bad tooth ache. And he finally got a slot appointment with the dentist n got his tooth plucked out.

So I guessed today will be a bored day for all of us as tomorrow everybody will start working n schooling. Tomorrow everything will be back as routine. My morning will be very busy from preparing breakfast, packing foods for kids, make them ready n then send them to school.

Tomorrow will also be my routine to go to my club. Get myself pumping up n sweat! After 35 days break.. I am a leisure woman without exercise.. I have to double up my cardio tomorrow!

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