Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Our dearest friend - Professor Iskandar

During our trip to Al-Buraimi. Prof with Udik, Laila n Pidin

Our dearest friend, Professor Dr Iskandar Abdullah has passed away at 3.30pm UAE time today. He had been sick for the last 2 months since he moved to Al-Ain. The last time we visited him was during ramadhan. I still remember during our summer holiday back in Malaysia, he n his family visited us at Melaka. He came by to have lunch.

I could still here his voice saying that he couldn’t stay longer in Malaysia n going to my hometown, Kedah because he has to go back to Al-Ain. He kept saying that he will straight going back to Al-Ain n will never coming back to Oman. And he really meant that. He did.. he will never be coming here to Oman again.

I feel terribly sad that he left us. Allah lebih menyanyangi beliau. Tonight all our friends gather around performed yasin for Professor Iskandar. Semoga roh beliau dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan dalam golongan orang-orang beriman. Al-Fatihah..

I have known Prof as an intellectual n intelligent person. I highly respect him as who he was. He used to tell us all the funny stories n experienced about the VIPs person that he met. He was the one who taught me all the ethic’s protocols. Professor was also the first muslim converted that I’ve came across who really practised n very knowledgeable in Islam. I really respect him for that.

He left his beloved wife Professor Dr Jamaliah who is now having stroke n still recovery. He had four sons n a daughter. The eldest, Edrin is a doctor at Ireland, Safiedin, Suffian, Salman n Laila. May Allah give them strength especially kakak to go thru all this.

Now is 1.30am Oman time. We will be going to Al-Ain at 4.00am to visit the family. I had just finished preparing foods n things for the visit. It’s about five hour’s journey n plan to reach there around 9.30am.
Here is some profile about Professor Dr Iskandar Abdullah.

Dr. Iskandar Abdullah, new Associate Professor of Marketing and Al Ain Campus Coordinator for the College of Business Administration, is a PhD holder
from the leading Smurfit Graduate School of Business in Dublin, Ireland. Dr. Iskandar also holds a MBA from Central Michigan University in USA. He was awarded the high scholastic achievement award in business administration in Michigan, USA. Prior to joining ADU, Dr. Iskandar was a professor of marketing and director of graduate studies at the College of Business & Science in the Sultanate of Oman. Furthermore, he has served as a faculty member at Univerisiti Putra in Malaysia and Graduate School of Business, University College, Dublin Ireland. He is the author of over twenty published works, including books, chapters, and journal articles in addition to technical reports for the Ministry of Education of the government of Malaysia. Having earned his MBA at Central Michigan University, USA, Dr. Iskandar researched advertising, branding services marketing, media and audience studies, international marketing and consumer behaviour.


NutMean said...

Al-Fatihah & Takziah to Proff family...

vougEBratzy said...

al fatihah...xsangkanyee..
moga roh allahyarham ditempatkan di golongan org2 yg beriman...

ilham salim al-harthy said...

THE WORLD HAS LOST A LIVING DAIMOND CREATURE..Dr. iskander was my best teacher, he was an amazing person to met and had an extraordinary teacher with his understandive treatment to his students. he always believed in his students' abilities. May ALLAH rest his soul in janah ya rab & ease his lonlyness in grave ya rab. may allah bless him ya rab.Dr. iskander will always be alive in our prayers and minds. he left an amzing print in his students' minds. I am proud that i met and i get to know this amazing personality.
ilham salim al-harthy. MCBS

Anonymous said...

God grace be upon him. He taught me while I was at UPM. Such a humble, soft spoken Iban man till his last breath. Sad news.

Anonymous said...

Salam to all. Hi, u may not know me. I'm the niece of Dr. Jamaliah, wife to the late Prof. Iskandar. I need to tell whoever reads this blog that Dr.Jamaliah has passed away on 28th July 2008. She had another stroke attack. She stayed in Malaysia eversince she came back after Prof. Iskandar passed away. She was a wonderful, caring and unforgettable aunt, mother and friend to all of us. Al-Fatihah.

Anizakiah Makmin, Malaysia.

Wahid said...


Prof Iskandar was my good friend when we were in Ireland.

Many thanks for this information.