Thursday, 11 October 2007

Memory of Ramadhan - Part 5

Another two days we will be celebrating Eid. I am here has busy started making cookies n cakes. I have nothing much to prepare except cleaning up the house n cook for the Eid celebration. This year is my fourth Eid in Muscat n it’s always the same routines n programs every year.

When I was small, by this time my mom had prepared everything including ‘baju raya’. I do still remember how excitedly I am to wear those new baju raya. I will put my new baju kurung neatly on my bed, including my new shoes. Tried n looked at it for so many times until I fall asleep.

When I have started working, I never forget n failed to buy every year for my mom n dad baju raya. They were excited like me as well. I can see the happiness in their eyes. Now my mom is not around anymore to accept anything from me. She is the only person that I always remember n never forget at this moment especially during Eid. Hanya doa dari Kak Long yang sentiasa mengiringi dan menemani mama sepanjang masa.

This year, the night before Eid, my family n close buddy will gather around for takbir raya. This year it will be at Zaharul’s house. The first Eid after prayer I will organize an open house. A ‘must’ dishes – ketupat, rendang n nasi minyak. At night we’ll go to Hj Zunaidi’s house. On the second day morning it will be at Hamzah’s house n in the evening at Zaharul’s house again for his daughter’s birthday celebration.

I bet all of us we’ll be compiling up our weight with all this ‘makan-makan’ activities. We here in Oman will have the whole long week holiday. On the third Eid all of us will have a camping at the desert – Wahiba Sands. My family has been there before n this trip is to introduce to the newcomers. (Wait for my update for this trip!)

For those who will have a long journey 'balik kampung' please drive safely.

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