Friday, 26 October 2007

Al Ain - 24th October 2007

All the Malaysian friends from Oman - at the airport.

As planned we departed from Oman at 4.00am. We arrived at Al-Ain, specifically at Prof’s house around 10.30am. I broke down n burst out when I saw kakak.. looking at her face couldn’t made my tears stopped. We cried n hugged each other. She is a very strong person. And I always pray to Allah that she’ll be stronger to face n live the life later on.

After almost 10 hours processing of documents n paperwork which involved police, authority, university n embassy Allahyarham Professor Iskandar selamat dimandikan jenazahnya dan disembahyang selepas maghrib. Another two families from Oman also arrived at that time.

We departed from the house to the Abu Dhabi airport at 8.00 pm and arrived at 10.00pm. There are four cars from Oman, one car from Dubai n the rest are from University Abu Dhabi people escorting Arwah in the ambulance.

At the airport, all the arrangement had been made by the university. They checked in the luggage n tickets n we had about one hour to chat around with the family. There were many people from University Abu Dhabi including the Vice Chancellor who also pay a visit to the family. They were there from the beginning arranging everything from Al-Ain till the end. Prof was such a good person that it will be very difficult for people to just ignore him. They have done a good job.

This is also not to forget all the efforts that had been made by the UAE Malaysian leader – Encik Hasnol who had helped to arrange all the documentations. The family finally got into the waiting hall at 12.00 am. We bid them farewell with prayers that they will have a safe journey to Malaysia n Allahyarham will be laid in rest peacefully.

Marilah kita semua berdoa semoga Allahyarham Professor Iskandar ditempatkan dalam golongan orang-orang beriman. Alfatihah untuk beliau…

p/s : Allahyarham selamat dikebumikan pada 25Oct, 5pm.

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