Sunday, 14 October 2007

Still in the Eid mood

I am having a terrible stomach ache! My activities today was full with eating, eating n eating. I guessed my tummy was a bit shock from the way I ate. I don’t really eat much during ramadhan, especially when I’m the one who did all the cooking stuffs. So when I go to my friends’ house, tasted other people’s cooking I am like pulun habis… This is why I ended up having stomach ache.

In the afternoon we had lunch at Hamzah’s house. Lyn cooked Laksa Johor n Lontong. Nyam.. nyam.. Mohammad Wahibi, my hubby’s Omani colleague came by to see n gave us lamb that has been cooked in a very traditional way style of Oman. He never fail to give us that dish every year during Eid. Except this year was a bit special because he gave us goat’s head!

Zahrul enjoying himself eating goat's head!!

I n my hubby n some of our friends don’t eat lamb. So we actually missed the best part of Oman which is Oman’s lamb. For those lamb’s lovers, it was claimed that the lamb meat here was the best n it taste really different from the one in Malaysia. So.. to Zahrul n Nazri.. the lamb maniac.. today they really pulun habis..
Tonight is also Mysha’s 5th birthday. We celebrated at Zahrul’s house n guess what does his wife Zaireen cook? Laksa Penang.. Did I mention Laksa? Yes.. this year raya’s theme is Laksa. We started with Laksa Sarawak, Laksa Johor n Laksa Penang.. After the candle blowed n cake cutting, we had a karaoke session. As usual the microphone had been conquered by Nazri n Haji.
Nazri n Haji - can u believe that they were trying to sing Indonesian's song My heart? Memang hancus!!!
Haji singing Search's song.. peewit...

We all did enjoy our night. Tomorrow all of us will be leaving for our desert camping trip at Wahiba Sand. We had our ‘brain-storming’ session about the trip – what to bring, to do n not to do! All of us are so excited n looking forward for the day tomorrow. So meanwhile to all the readers.. stay put n don’t eat too much!

p/s: I hope my tummy will get better by tomorrow morning

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