Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Wahiba Sand Camping trip

We departed from Muscat around 11.30am. The journey took us about 2.5 hours (plus minus emergency stopped for smoking n toilet). There were 28 peoples in the group n we had three 4WD n two saloon cars altogether. We arrived at the meet point, Shell Petrol station at Bidiyah Wilayat where the Al-Raha tour operator for our camping office located. Only 4WD cars are capable to go thru the desert, so we rented another three 4WD. It took about 20 minutes to go from the main road to the camp.

We had to go thru all the bumpy sands n I can see it’s like all the six 4WD were racing towards the camp. For the three 4WD cars that we rented they are a very experienced driver. They drive like they own the desert! As for Nazri who driven our car, he seems enjoying n showing off his skills on the sand :). But I can’t stand looking at how focussed n stiffed he was.. hehehehe.. And I bet Haji will be the same too as both of them were the first timers driving on the desert, except for Rohimi that this was his 2nd trip.

Huh.. finally we safely arrived at the camp. They have a very nice small little hut with modern facilities like electric n attached bathroom. Once settled with all the luggage n rooms, all the moms busied unpacked all the foods for the lunch. The next activities were sand boarding. The kids seem to enjoy it. Next all of us went for sand bashing by the 4WD (roller coaster thrilled n screaming session!). They dropped us up by the hill to watch the sunset n then all of us walked n slided down the hill. It was so fun n thrilling.

At night time we had dinner n followed by sheisha while listening to the Omani songs n dancing by the campfire. Then all of us headed to the open space lied down and looked at the beautiful sky. It was full with stars. It was so cold during night time in the deserts. The sky was so black n huge with lovely sparkling stars n saw many shooting stars above us. We screamed for each time we saw the shooting stars.

The next morning after breakfast we had a camel riding n quad bikes activities. We checked out n left the camp around 10am. We drove back another two hours to Muscat n stopped by for our lunch at Al-Mawaleh for the Briayani.

We really had a good time especially for the children. This place was a bit better n more organized than the one I went before except…. for the little small issues n argument that I n Rohaya had with the owner. We had being cheated. But knowing Arabs.. the kepala batu n sombong bodoh, n furthermore we are at their territory surely we will loose during this argument! Tapi takpe.. janji hati puas dapat bertekak dengan deorang!! Satisfied giving them a hard time n teach them that they can't do this to everybody! One thing for sure I will NOT recommend this place to my other friends n even for my next trip...

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