Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Eid Adha In Alor Setar

I arrived in Alor Setar on Sunday. Departed from Shah Alam in the morning and arrived in the afternoon. The traffic was smooth. I was so tired once arrived. Huh… rasanya tak leh drive long journey ah.. Dah tua kut.. J

I was quite busy with the preparations of my bro’s wedding. At the same time, my aunty was hospitalized. She was still in coma and sick. Every day morning and night I visited her. Sadly she passed away, at 6.40pm. Al fatihah..

Today after eid prayer I went to visit my mom’s pusara. After that we went to my aunty’s house for lunch. Most of my activities were focused on the preparations for the wedding. Hubby will be arriving tomorrow.. Yeah….

I just pray everything go smooth and no rain on the big day.

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