Friday, 19 November 2010

Happy 8th Birthday - Nur Nabila

Today is my youngest daughter’s birthday – Nur Nabila. Nabila is 8 years old today. Hmmm…. How times fly so fast.. my little girl is not my baby girl anymore.

When Nabila was little around one to two years old, she liked to scream. Whenever she wanted something or couldn’t get what she wants, she would just scream. The kind of scream that would hurt and annoy us.

But now what we heard from her are just the facts and non nonsense babbling. She can be sometimes quiet but once she opens her mouth she can just amaze everybody with her talks and stories.

Nabila has very sensitive feelings. Tears can easily roll on her cheeks if she is sad or even happy. She is also a very considerate child that always thinks about others. Though she is just eight years old, she thinks like an adult. She sometimes would ask questions that I couldn’t answer.

Today is her birthday and it also happens to be my brother’s akad nikah ceremony. I bought cake and made a small celebration among family. She will have the birthday party next weekend.

Nabila…. Mommy wishes you a very happy birthday. Be a good girl and always have that pretty smile on your face. You are the joyous of my life and I love you so much.

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