Wednesday, 10 November 2010

What Choice Do I Have?

Nowadays it seems that we either have to upgrade or subscribe to better facilities to get better service. When it comes to this, it will cost us extra money!!

I am totally piss off with my current Streamyx connection at my home. I have no problem all this while. The line was fast during day or night and it was so reliable. All of this started since TM introduced the Unifi. I saw TM people around the neighborhood installed the cables and whatever that related to it. I suspected it is because of this as they want us to upgrade to Unifi!!

And now because of that my internet connection is so damn slow. It sometimes hangs and got disconnected.

The next one is ASTRO. It’s useless though you have a big screen TV – be it LED or LCD or whatever the latest technology they have as the pictures and sounds are not that excellent. I noticed these resolutions and sounds were getting poorer. Again it is because now they have BEYOND. I have to upgrade to BEYOND then probably I will get an excellent pictures.

And all of these means I have to top up extra money.. Internet and TV is one of my necessities in my life. Now.. what choice do I have? Can these cekik darah provider guarantee me that the service will get better once I upgrade?

Tension.. tension.. my phone line telco – MAXIS.. the BIS (blackberry internet service) are so damn hopeless. In these two months I encountered many many times the BIS got disconnected and slow. What we received from MAXIS later on, an apology message as they are doing the upgrading. You charged us so much and what we received just an apology. Damn ah..

All the service provider be it either government or private agency sometimes berangan je nak buat itu ini.. but all the words were spoken louder than the actions. We as a consumer, I guess have not many choices left..

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